• Get Your Story Straight

Start Your Brand Story With 4 Questions

We’ve talked a little about what brand storytelling is. Now what? How do you start writing your story?
First, cast your customer as the hero.
You might think you should be the hero. As in: “Oh, thank you, SuperBrand – you solved my problem!” But you would be wrong.
You see, the brand story is not really about your brand. Rather, it’s about how your customer experiences your brand, either in actual interaction through sales and customer service or in the way they learn your values from your marketing and advertising. The customer, therefore, is at the heart of the story – a concept otherwise known as “It’s not about you, SuperBrand.”

To plot your hero’s story, ask these five questions:

Who is your ideal customer? Imagine the details of their lives: income, education, family, hobbies, interests. You can make this an actual profile if you know the information or an aspirational exercise if you don’t.

What values do you share with them? Customers want to feel good about their purchase decisions and they want to connect with the companies they do business with. If your values are tied to your business, make sure you talk about them.

What do they need to solve a problem or achieve a goal?

Why are you their best solution, better than anyone else?

Where can you reach them? On social media? In traditional print media? 

Use the answers to write your tagline, craft your website’s About copy and promote special events to bring in customers. But, whatever you write, always keep the focus on your hero – your customer – and you’ll always be their hero.