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Kate’s Portfolio

Kate's Portfolio




We create press releases, website features and other content for this non-profit organization that works to “move individuals and families from brokenness to wholeness.”

Heather is a success coach who helps clients create their best lives by rerouting their personal and professional plans. Kate worked with her as editor of her book (below at left), Designing Your Life’s Roadmap: 8 Pathways to Guide Your Exit from the Pretender Highway (available at Amazon).

Kate also created the copy for her website (below at right) and continues to work with her as her editor and writing partner.

We create press releases, story pitches and thought-leadership articles for clients of this national public relations firm. 

Press Release: National Use Your Gift Card Day picked up by Business Insider.

Press Release: Kaufman Lynn Construction Awards picked up by South Florida Business & Wealth.

Left: Levenger advertising feature in The New Yorker. Click here for PDF.

We’ve worked on personal memoirs, novels and other projects by local authors for this award-winning independent publisher.

When hired for copy editing, we review the text for spelling, grammar, punctuation and consistent style conforming to The Chicago Manual of Style. For final proofreading jobs, we edit for spelling, punctuation and major typographical issues such as widows and bad line breaks.

It’s an honor to help writers bring their ideas to life with Middle River Press. We are helping to preserve family memories, record moments of history or produce creative work, any of which demands that we take a great deal of care to respect the author’s vision.

At right: Covers of books published by Middle River Press. Illustrations for Dizzy’s Busy Day and The Flashfall Sword are by Bruce Borich.

Kate is a frequent contributor to the monthly magazine of Toastmasters International. She has delivered several features on topics of interest to members, from effective language to using research in crafting speeches.

Toastmasters and Rotary: Stronger Together (March 2022)

Shining a Light on DTM Projects (October 2021)

Researching and Presenting (October 2021)

Counting on the Ah-Counter (June 2021)

Maximize Your Meeting Lineup (April 2021)

True Lies (December 2020)

The Grammarian’s Gift (October 2020)

Kate has done freelance feature writing for various print and online publications.

“From Meth to Mezcal: Breaking Bad Buddies Are Back”: Launch of premium mezcal brand by Breaking Bad stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. Kate covered the event for Lifestyle Media Group and shot the image (at left) used with the story.

“The Wisdom of a Champion Comes Through”: Interview with Ed Tate, 2000 World Champion of Public Speaking. Originally published in 2016 for newsletter of Toastmasters International District 47, it was reprinted and now appears on Mr. Tate’s website.

“No More Spring Cleaning!”: The editor of The Parklander asked me to research time-saving tools and tell readers how to update their approach to housecleaning.

Kate has spoken to business and professional groups about communication and leadership topics and now offers interactive workshops to help speakers sharpen their presentation skills. Details are in her speaker sheet (below); click here for a PDF.