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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Heather Mahoney

Life & Business Coaching with Heather Mahoney

“I knew that I wanted to write, but the fear of my dyslexia kept me frozen. I have been working with Kate at Kate’s Copy as my content coach for about two years. I do not have enough words of praise to say what an amazingly gifted wordsmith she is. She has helped me to say what I want to say with pragmatic and simple words. The end result for me is I get to say what I wanted to say with honesty and impact. I appreciate her and you will too.”

Be Strong International

Michelle Shirley, CEO and Chief Heart Officer

“Before Kate, I had someone that was an excellent writer, but our contract with that consultant came to an end. I desperately needed to find a good copywriter to continue where the other consultant left off. I met Kate in a Business Networking International group and the rest is history! I love that I don’t have to worry about grammatical errors and I love the way she articulates our brand through each article and press release. I am so happy that we found her and she has been able to help us gain outside support for our organization because of how well she writes about our brand. I am very pleased and I am thankful that she also cares about the mission that she so eloquently writes about. Its a win-win for us!

What was your business or personal situation like before you began working with me?

I had a hard time trying to find someone that could help us with press releases and business articles. I wanted to be sure that we found a professional writer that understood our mission and could help us with great storytelling.

What were you struggling with? 

Struggled to find people that wrote well and knew how to communicate our message to our audience. In addition, I felt that people generally just didn’t write well and the grammar mistakes from consultants in the past really made me nervous about our professional brand persona.

How did your situation improve after working with me? 

I really appreciated the way Kate helped us tell our story. One of our press releases actually got picked up by a local news station and that felt really amazing!

What did you like most about my work? 

Great writing and concise when needed.

What would you tell someone who is considering hiring me? 

Hire Kate if you want someone to tell your story exceptionally well. She asks the right questions and she is a great writer. I appreciate the time and care that she puts into our press releases and articles.

Middle River Press

Judy and Bruce Borich, Publishers

“Kate McClare has been our ‘go-to’ proofreader and copy editor for more than a decade. Her knowledge of Chicago Manual of Style, and technical experience editing in Acrobat and Word, are a rare combination. She is very easy to work with, her communication skills are awesome, and she never misses a deadline. This is all extremely important to us, custom book publishers producing a wide variety of projects. Our motto is ‘We do it Right,’ and that’s why we use Kate’s Copy.”

What were you struggling with before working with me? 

Finding qualified proofreaders with a strong working knowledge of Chicago Manual of Style.  

How did your situation improve after working with me? 

Kate gives us quotes on books promptly and they are always priced appropriately based on the project. This helps us get our authors’ quotes out quickly.

Valerie Padilla

“I have known Kate for many years and worked with her from copywriting to writing a book. She is skilled and diligent and will help you get what you want done. Highly recommend.” 

What was your situation like before you began working with me?

Aimlessly writing in order to try to put a book together. 

How did your situation improve after working with me?

Helped me be accountable and guide me in this unfamiliar world

What did you like most about my work?

The evolving strategy to write the book with constant meetings and communication to keep pushing it forward. 

What would you tell someone who is considering hiring me?

That you are good at understanding the end goal and editing/writing in the author’s voice.