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About Us

About Us

Kate McClare, Founder & CEO

Kate’s Copy was founded in 2020 by Kate McClare, a journalist and marketing copywriter with more than four decades of experience. Her career led her from daily newspapers, where she learned to write attention-getting stories on short deadlines, to editorial positions at magazines and in marketing. She has covered a variety of lifestyle topics, including fashion, dining, entertainment and travel, which taught her how to craft exciting copy that engages the reader but isn’t overly clever or cute at the expense of substance.

After many years perfecting her craft, Kate wanted to help others share their stories, either by collaborating with them or taking the task off their plate so they can focus on their core skills.

Kate’s Copy is here to help you:

  • Celebrate your story: Promote your business by publishing a book. It’s the number one way to build authority and influence in your industry while reaching new markets.
  • Expand your brand: Thought-leadership articles that widen influence in your industry.
  • Drive sales: Website homepage, About section and feature articles that attract potential customers.
  • Grow your network: A captivating LinkedIn profile and posts that demonstrate your expertise and authority.
  • Attract media attention: Press releases and other promotional materials that that expand visibility of your events, products and services.

How Can We Help You?
From simple proofreading to complex editing, from short marketing copy to full blog posts and even book-length custom publications, we’re here to help you tell your story in the most effective way.