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7 Content Ideas Your Customers Can’t Ignore

How do you know you’re a writer? When you can’t think of anything to write.

The affliction known as “writer’s block” hits everyone at some time, although it’s surprising how quickly you get over it when your deadline approaches – especially the deadline for paying your rent. I sold my first short story about a month before Christmas, when we realized our budget could probably cover a few lumps of coal.

If writing isn’t your core business, you may struggle even more to create that “great content” everyone says you must produce to attract customers. What can you say about what you do or sell that could interest anyone?


But if you’re stuck, here are 7 sources of inspiration:

1.     Your origin story. What inspired you to get started? What challenges did you overcome? The more personal, the better; it builds trust and emotional connection, key business drivers.

2.     Free advice. Share something from your area of expertise. You’ll build authority and gain gratitude.

3.     Customer interactions. Don’t just say you have excellent customer service; back it up with a recent success story. Even better: Customer testimonials.

4.     Profiles of your team. Put a human face on your business and make an emotional connection with your customers.

5.     Your processes. How do you do what you do? What can a customer expect when doing business with you?

6.     New developments and trends in your industry. Accountants, what’s the latest wrinkle in the tax code? Realtors, how’s the market doing?

7.     Questions and answers. Not those boring old FAQs about your store hours and customer service, but questions people often ask you about what you do or sell. Pick one each month and answer it in detail.

If writing isn’t your thing, remember: You don’t have to kill yourself pushing out long essays. Some content should be detailed and informative to help your Google rankings, but it can also be short. Use Twitter, Instagram, and other short-format platforms, not to mention video.