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50 Ways to Wake Your Reader

You know that active, dramatic words are always your best choice for getting your reader’s attention, but in the rush of a deadline, it’s easy to fall back into ordinary expressions.

So here are 50 ways to capture their eye – and their money – with calls to action that send an essential message of discovery, exclusivity, newness, urgency or value:


  1. Breakthrough
  2. Immersion
  3. Explore
  4. Experience
  5. Learn
  6. Share
  7. Master class
  8. Intensive
  9. Adventure
  10. Meet the designer


  1. By invitation only
  2. You’re invited
  3. VIP event
  4. Special offer
  5. All-access
  6. Backstage pass
  7. Be our guest
  8. Just for you
  9. Custom creations
  10. Private sale


  1. Never-before seen
  2. Leading edge
  3. Newly designed
  4. Revolutionary
  5. Groundbreaking
  6. All-new
  7. Brand-new
  8. Break the mold
  9. Cutting edge
  10. Just in


  1. Today only
  2. Limited time
  3. Last chance
  4. Closing offer
  5. Quantities limited
  6. Arrive early
  7. Act now
  8. Don’t miss out
  9. Starts now!
  10. Going fast


  1. Time-saving
  2. Money-savings
  3. Best buy
  4. Unmatched savings
  5. Lowest prices
  6. Savings of the season
  7. Free consultation
  8. Bonus buy
  9. Penny saver
  10. Big deals

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