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Everyone Has a Story I can help you tell yours
in the most appealing way
to attract readers and customers.
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Coaching & Consulting I help speakers and writers sharpen
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Kate's Copy: Storytelling That Sells

Attract and engage with content that uses compelling storytelling techniques to put you at the top of consumers’ minds.

What’s In It for You?

In a word: Sales. I’ll help you convert readers to customers with engaging content that persuades them your product or service is just what they need.

What Do You Need?

Blog and social media content, web copy, brochures, media kits —
whatever you need to reach your customers, I have you covered.

What Have I Done?

Custom content, feature writing, book editing and lots more – visit my portfolio to see samples of the work I’ve compiled in an extensive media and publishing career.

Client Testimonials

Heather D. Mahoney
Life & Business Coaching with Heather D. Mahoney

“I knew that I wanted to write, but the fear of my dyslexia kept me frozen. I have been working with Kate at Kate’s Copy as my content coach for about two years. I do not have enough words of praise to say what an amazingly gifted wordsmith she is. She has helped me to say what I want to say with pragmatic and simple words. The end result for me is I get to say what I wanted to say with honesty and impact. I appreciate her and you will too.”

  •  “Our motto is ‘We do it Right,’ and that’s why we use Kate’s Copy.”

– Middle River Press

  • “Highly recommend.”

– Valerie Padilla

  • “Don’t even think twice.”

– OC Estate & Elder Law

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